Wednesday, 19 October 2016


If you're going through hell, keep going." -Winston Churchill

Have you ever ran from a war zone? Have you ever ran from the Sandman? Have you ever been chased by silently screaming soldiers? Have you ever seen victims of war? Have you ever heard how they whimper? Have you ever smelt burning rubber? Have you ever been touched, by the smoke from a freshly fired gun? Let me tell you something.  If you're going through hell,

keep going.  The entire world shivers in fear.  Something is hiding down there.  In anger, in frustration, in torment, it brings down its scaly fist.  Reverberations are felt throughout the planet.  The oldest of trees stumble and stagger.  The coldest of buildings shake and shudder.  Humans, animals, vegetation alike are sheltering from the fearsome earthquake.  You watch childhood memories crumble into oblivion.  Let me tell you something.  If you're going through hell

keep going.  The printing presses have ran out of ink, ran out of paper.  The common man is reduced to the dole.  To escape from this hole, he might've to sell his soul. What choice do they have? Rolling around in dirt and filth.  Scavengers hiding in a dump.  It's not our fault, they say.  No.  Not me.  Never. they say.  Blame him, her, them, they say.  The average Joe waits.  Every Chandra, Garcia and Tyler hopes for change.  You and me, we pray.  John Smith has ran out of patience, ran out of hope.  He collapses in the gutter.  I kneel by him and say one thing.  If you're going through hell,

keep going.

*author's notes*

All credit to Winston Churchill for thinking up the awesome quotation.  From what I understand the Sandman is an equivalent to the Grim Reaper.  As you can see for each stanza I explored a different definition of "hell."  The identity of "they" in the third stanza, is open for interpretation.

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